Stern and obscenity

Jeff Jarvis is providing marvelous daily summaries of the growing feud between the Bush administration and Howard Stern.

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  1. The guy you supported, Howard Dean, has just blamed the Al Queda Bombing of train stations in Spain on ? President Bush!Instead of speaking up about what you think of that you chose to be silent about it? You defended Howard Dean and supported him and probably voted for him maybe.. or were intending to vote for him. Perhaps donated money to him.So yea… I am absolutely *curious* why you would chose to not comment on it?I'm wondering whether your feelings for Howard Dean have changed? And if so? why in the world didn't you listen to me about Howard Dean? Why in the world do you liberals continue to ignore me? Am I stupid? I clearly pointed out how off the deep end Howard Dean is and that he has no chance because he's not presidential material.Howard Dean is a nutcase. And instead of listening to me… You accuse me of being a 'President Bush Supporter' who doesn't know anything about Howard Dean. You told me to cite things about Howard Dean to back my comments up. I told you that I didn't need to cite anything because YOU support Dean and if I was 'wrong' in my judgement you could point it out.Well?? I'm curious. Has anything changed?

  2. Rather than blaming any administration, I think this subject should be examined in light of hubris. For many years moderates have asked programmers to help them by keeping the racier programming off primetime, or toning it down during primetime hours. In response, programmers have basically told folks to pound sand. Now that the circumstances have been reversed, programmers are finding themselves reaping what they sewed.

  3. That doesn't address anything I brought up here.The link you showed me was nothing more than a long winded, “I like strong campaigns. Kerry's campaign beat out all of the others. Therefore, I give him my support.”What does that have to do with the fact that Howard Dean is out there calling President Bush the one to blame for Madrid Bombing?I think now a better question for you Rick Klaw is whether or not you care about the 'issues' of a candidate or whether you are only interested in the 'Glamor.'

  4. Jeff Makes as much sense that we went to war on that logic of Bush that there were ties to terror in Iraq. Which there was not. Most of the other reasons he brought also did not come to pass.Howard Dean also said we will not always have the strongest military and we have run out of troops.Got lots of missiles that don't work and a lot of heavy equipment I grant you. Bush needs a draft if he will continue going it alone. We need boots on the ground now not after the election.

  5. I have proof that I can give any Liberal that says, “There were no ties to terrorists.”So don't sling lies so loosely. E-mail me if you want proof.

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