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With my first week at Socialtext under my belt, I am happy to report that it’s as exciting as I’d hoped it would be. As with any growing company, there is a lot that needs to be done (and done yesterday) — but that’s part of what keeps the juices flowing. I’m continuing to get up to speed on the product itself, and now that I’m monitoring changes to my workspaces in my RSS aggregator (now using Sharp Reader), I’m amazed at how well distributed groups can work together.

But I’m biased — so don’t take my word for it. Last week’s Economist had this to say:

[Socialtext] offer[s] a middle ground between e-mail and a conventional web page, which makes them useful for collaborative projects, particularly those involving far-flung teams. Rather than maintaining multiple copies of a document and sharing ideas by e-mail, [Socialtext] allows members of a team to pool their thoughts more easily.

And just to show that’s not PR fluff, Pierre Omidyar (eBay founder) shared his experience to his nascent Socialtext trial in a post to his blog yesterday:

We’ve had incredibly rapid adoption of this new tool, especially for group brainstorming and sharing learnings. This has been especially gratifying since most of the team are pretty agnostic when it comes to technology.

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  1. Rick–Congrats on your new challenge…sounds really exciting…looking forward to following your progress.Best,BP

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