Illinois Senate Race Post Mortem

One Man has some great post mortems on the Illinois Senate race from the right side of the aisle. His advice for Kathuria seems to be about right; of course, he might have added to the list, oh, Don’t pad your resume.

But who am I to quibble. I’m sure the other post mortems will be equally insightful.

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  2. Thanks for the comments Rick. It will be an interesting race between Obama and Jack and I am looking forward to it. It's not offen it is two good looking Harvard Law grads in the same election. Also Jeff could you do your diatribes on comments that don't mention my blog?

  3. “Also Jeff could you do your diatribes on comments that don't mention my blog?”???????? WHAT? Does that supposed to mean?

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  8. I check my e-mail regularly Schmidt, so if Klau has any problems with me posting on his site.. or if he simply wants to 'silence me' then he has that right. I've received nothing from him at this time.

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