Gay marriage

I’ve wanted to write about the whole gay marriage flap lately, but haven’t had time nor have I found anything particularly new to say on the subject. Then I stumbled on ambivalent imbroglio, a weblog by law student at George Washington University. I have that site to thank for the link to 12 reasons Gay Marriage Will Ruin Society.

It’s good for a chuckle. And perhaps my favorite quip on the subject comes from Jon Stewart, from several months ago:

“I don’t want to marry another man.”

(he pauses, as he pretends to be hearing a voice in the ear-piece)

“What? You mean… it’s not mandatory?”

“Oh. So then what’s the worry?”

3 responses to “Gay marriage”

  1. Being against Gay Marriage is not a religious issue. There really is no mention of such a thing in any clarity in the Bible or any religious text.The issue is the issue of word usage and association. Those who marry of the same sex should be entitled to the same benefits under the title of 'Civil Union' Those who marry opposite sex get the same benefits as a Civil Union under the title of a 'Marriage.'I think a vast majority of America would support this philosophy more so than rampant law breaking in San Francisco.

  2. Re: Do They Listen To Themselves About Gay Marriage? A Response To Raymond W. Belair[Editor Note: I gave a call to New York law firm Belair & Evans to confirm that the comment to my post about Eastchester, NY revoking domestic partner benefits (and a prior “memo” document I received via email) is in…

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