Dean’s web team goes commercial

There are some interesting developments afoot from the former members of the Dean web team. Some from the team are involved in Change for America (Joe Trippi’s umbrella organization of grassroots activists). Here’s another new entrant: Blue State Digital, a for-profit consulting firm that will apply the lessons learned from the Dean campaign to communications, fundraising, tech support, etc. It probably goes without saying, but I had the pleasure of doing some work with these guys and would highly recommend them for any project. Give ‘em a call.

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  1. This is very cool. The best stuff seems to be come from necessity and grass roots movements. With so many people not understanding the net is a communications, as opposed to broadcasting tool, they ought to do very well in building and help establish net presences that allow for communication, collaboration and grass roots efforts, all of which are needed by the non proft and for profit segments.

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