Dean on March 18: “Democracy, Freedom, Action.”

I’d say this indicates what the name of the new Dean organization will be…

(Thanks to Eric Davis for the find.)

Dean fans will recall these three words were the cornerstone of his September 23, 2003 speech in Copley Square, Boston.

“Democracy and freedom, forged through action. That is the story of America.

“It is also our hope for the future.”

There’s a certain symmetry. Dean for America. Democracy, Freedom, Action. DFA.

Stay tuned…

2 responses to “Dean on March 18: “Democracy, Freedom, Action.””

  1. Hmm…. Does that mean Howard Dean supports the war in Iraq? NOPE!!! It sure don't. Mr. Antiwar candidate did not want Iraqi People to have Democracy and Freedom forged through American, Spanish, Brttish, e.t.c. e.t.c. e.t.c. united Coalition of 30 nations fighting Saddam Hussein and Terrorism in Iraq.It is one thing to 'speak those words' and another thing to actually 'believe them.'

  2. DFA is for the USA not Iraq. If you want to do all this stuff for Iraq how about joining the Army. DFA wants to make sure we don't lose those three things. Getting Bush out will go a long way to accomplish that. We will never get a real world coalition because Bush started a war where terriorism was not even there. I recall a nice speech about not spending 200 Billion dollars out the window with nothing to show for it.

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