Dean campaign debrief

Carl with a K has an advance copy of what is probably the best post mortem on the Dean campaign. For those who would like to pin the campaign’s demise on the software, or the Internet, or the new supporters… this is well worth a read. The answer is both more straightforward and more depressing than any of those indictments.

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  1. The demise of Howard Dean mainly came from Bill Clinton handing off letters he received from Howard Dean to the press concerning I believe, Bosnia.Also… The News media, New York Times, other newspapers and newstations met in a apartment room along with John Kerry and discussed how to promote John Kerry and Destroy Howard Dean.All of which was reported on by Bill O'Reilly, this week. Oh and he has proof of these assertions. They DID happen. Again I find it amusing that he are asking people to donate to the very Democrat that destroyed Howard Dean's campaign and your own enthusiasm in the Presidential Primaries and Politics. I don't expect to see from you any positive comments concerning John Kerry, because I don't believe you have any legitamit, positive, enthusiastic support for Kerry. You only 'begrugingly' leave a 'Donate to Kerry' box.. “because he won.” I believe he 'cheated.'

  2. I truly believe the Dean campaign downturn was not just the letter leaking, or the mass-media's attacks. I believe the DNC and other “mainstream” Democratic groups found Dean's followers threatening. We were viewed as not allies or reinforcements, but as an internal threat. So, they punished our leader knowing that we would rather have an ink pen as president, than Bush. Kerry has my support, and will get my vote. The followers of Dean need to stay active in the Democratic Party. Our time will come…

  3. “Our time will come…”You guys will never have your candidate. Based on your own analysis of your own political party. The Democratic Party portion that sqelches your VOICE and your CHANCE to have a candidate that actually represents who you are… will always continue to exist.Hillary Clinton has a good 12 years+ on her. For God Sakes, Ted Kennedy is still around. Terry McAullife is still pulling the Clintonian Strings of the DNC.The way I see it. The only way you guys can have a voice is to express it in a way that hurts the political party you normally would support.As for me? I fully support George W. Bush as he does reflect who I am.

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