50 Ways to Love Your Country

MoveOn.org has a new book out: 50 Ways to Love Your Country. It’s currently #2 at Amazon.com; help make it #1!

From the book description:

With more than 2 million members, MoveOn is at the cutting edge of a new model for political activism. In their first-ever book, they take their message offline with MoveOn’s 50 Ways to Love Your Country: How to Find Your Political Voice and Become a Catalyst for Change, in an effort to jumpstart an even broader civic dialogue and inspire all to become involved in our political process. With introductions by Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Gail Sheehy, David Fenton, and the MoveOn staff, MoveOn’s 50 Ways to Love Your Country is a political call-to-action guide that includes 50 essays from MoveOn members across the country. Each essay is a compelling personal story with action items and resources. Simple ideas are illuminated, such as “Vote, No Matter What,” about a dying man’s wish to cast a ballot, as are more dynamic actions, such as “Start a Petition,” which chronicles a couple’s quest to protect endangered wolves in Alaska.” For those who feel powerless or overwhelmed, angry or apathetic – or just want to do something, but don’t know how – MoveOn’s 50 Ways to Love Your Country answers the question so many people are asking, “What can I do?”

Civic activity on either side of the aisle is to be appreciated and encouraged. Get involved.

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  1. It's interesting to note that MoveOn.org is currently involved in making National Anti-Bush Commercials that may or may not be illegal under the current Campaign Finance Reform Bill of 2002.The FEC is going to make their decision in May or June of this year. Some Republican 'fly by night' organizations want to release national Anti-Kerry commercials themselves.Grassfire.net is one such organization. Grassfire, however, is under assault by the Democrats that their John Kerry = Ted Kennedy commercial infringes on campaign finance laws as well.For all of those I spoke to in my life about the problems of Campaign Finance Reform 2002 before it was passed. SEE I TOLD YOU SO!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for telling people about 'MoveOn'S 50 Ways to Love Your Country.' This is a positive and constructive book for progressive change. I have a short piece in it about writing letters to Congress, and I've been impressed by the stories and achievements from many of the contributors. And it's a deal at $10!Ari Melber

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