Will Saletan on the horse race

Will Saletan says he’d rather be Kerry tonight. I’m not so sure I draw that conclusion. Everything fueling Kerry’s rise has been about the momentum. Momentum going into the Iowa caucus. Momentum coming out of Iowa. Momentum built from two wins. Then four. And so on.

If Saletan’s analysis is right, then Edwards’s strength among independents and cross-over Republicans will erode Kerry’s “electability” aura. And then my delegate math starts to get awfully lopsided in Edwards’ favor.

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  1. I'll tell you, as a conservative who tends to vote Republican, John Edwards appeals the most of the Democrat-lot. He's a down home Southerner with JFK-looks and a humble background. I think he'd give Bush a good run. And to be perfectly honest, I'd be less disappointed in a Bush loss if it was to someone like Edwards (or Lieberman). I mean, I'm opposed to many of the liberal policies, not because I'm against the environment or helping others, but simply put, I think the federal government is the worst choice to provide such protections/services. Since I'm opposed to the federal government being the purveyors of social services, I'm generally against anyone running on the Democrat platform. With this is mind, if there has to be a Democrat in the White House, I'd rather have a respectful, moral, gentleman than a consummate politician who says whatever it takes to earn votes. Since when did principles become a pariah in Washington? So I've rambled. Basically, Kerry has his war medals, but his subsequent actions in that era show huge flaws in a Presidential run. Edwards, to this point, seems to be the best choice….even to those of us in the other dugout. Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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