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Over at Joe Trippi’s Change for America, he writes

I think it is great to think about running good people seeking change at the local level — but I also think once we find someone at the local level we want to put out a national alert to all who care about our cause and get that candidate the support they need to beat this system.

Well, one of those people is Ro Khanna, running for Congress in my old home district in California (the 12th district). Ro is young, a summa cum laude graduate from U. Chicago and Yale Law, and is trying to unseat a 12-term incumbent Democrat who was a co-sponsor in Congress for Bush’s war resolution in Iraq. A number of good friends are working on his campaign, and if you’re in the 12th, get involved. If you’re not, follow Joe’s advice and send Ro a little money. Doesn’t have to be much. But every bit will help get a young, bright, progressive individual in Congress who can stand up for what’s right.

Out of fairness, you’re welcome to visit Lantos’s voting record to do your own homework.

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  1. You go Rick!!!Ro's candidacy is a golden opportunity to make a very immediate effect. The California Primary is March 2 and time is running out!! Donate $20 (or more), call friends in the 12th Congressional District in California — do whatever you can do. You can make history happen!

  2. I too was sorry to see the systematic demise of Howard Dean. He gave so much back to the Democratic Party. Dean was an inspiration for many of us living in the 12th congressional district. I was happy to hear that Dean was a supporter of your campaign because you both ran on the same vision. Then it looked like Mr. Lantos was trying to spoil the support. But to many of us who have followed local politics, the message was clear–Dean is for Khanna. Mr. Lantos has to answer the same question that both you and Dean pose. I have yet to hear Mr. Lantos utter one word of remorse for his support of the war in Iraq. In short, Dean may be gone but the vision lives on here in this congressional race. I urge all of the Dean supporters not only to vote for Ro but to send him a couple of bucks. It would mean a lot to us living here in district. I cannot tell you how horrible it has felt having Mr. Lantos as our congressman the last few years without a soul in sight with the courage to challenge him. For that courage alone, my support goes to you Ro.

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