Out of touch…

Howdy. There’s been a lot going on in the real world for me the last few weeks, leading to a much lighter schedule of blogging than I’d like. I’ll be posting more next week, and will follow with an update of what I’ve been up to.

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  1. Hey, your boy Nikita is on with Wolfie Blitzer on the Clinton News Network, spinning the same old crap about being a Washington outsider who didn't vote for the war or any other thing that Kerry or the other “Bush-lites” did. It's easy to say all of this when you have no vote; what would Nikita have done had he been in a position to vote? Why doesn't he just drop out and run for governer of New England, which should be renamed Liberalataria, or Leftyville. Maybe AFSCME will endorse him again! BUSH/CHENEY '04!!!

  2. Hey Rick, how goes it? Have you switched companies recently? I'm over at RealLegal now. Just came across an old link I had to your blog, thought I'd check it out. I gotta say, put yours and my blog together and you have the perfect political compliment. I'll tell you, eyeing a Kerry-Edwards ticket may make for an interesting November. Think Kerry can legitimately get traction with the military issue given his antics in VVAW and how about his “hindsight” opposition to an Iraq war he voted to support? He'll serve himself well taking on Edwards, one of only two (Lieberman the other) democrat hopefuls that seem to have a shred of credibility or integrity….but on the other hand, he was a trial lawyer. 🙂 Have a good one, Rick.

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