No spin zone

Many thanks to a former co-worker, who sent me a “keep in touch” gift the other day: a Bill O’Reilly “No Spin Zone” coffee mug. When we’d be on the road together, this guy and I would regularly have a good go at each other. It was always good for a laugh.

So I laughed pretty hard when I unwrapped the O’Reilly mug. As I e-mailed back to my friend, this is now my favorite mug: each morning I get to pour scalding hot coffee on Bill O’Reilly’s head, and then watch as the steam comes up out of the mug — looking not unlike the hot air that regularly comes out of O’Reilly’s mouth.

2 responses to “No spin zone”

  1. What about the hot air that comes out of Dean's mouth every time he talks about “not voting for this war” or any other policies of President Bush. The last time I checked, Nikita Dean didn't have a vote in politics, although he acts like he does. We'll all be better off when this phony drops out, along with Kucinich and Sharpton. What's left of the Nine Dwarves? A liar, a lawyer–same as a liar, and the Three Stooges. And the scary thing is that there are Americans who believe the crap that these frauds spew. The debate tonight was a prime example. Why are they called debates? All these kooks do is slam President Bush while Kerry spits out the tired old liberal rhetoric–jobs, education, health care, and kissing the rest of the world's collective asses!

  2. “phony”… “liar”… “kooks”… While life on the planet where the author of that comment lives must be a very interesting place (there must be some great substances in the atmosphere that he is breathing), here in the real world, Bush has been nothing but divisive and destructive for the United States and its place in the world. He has repeatedly uttered distortions and mistruths, and got us into a war that, while it may have some good consequences (locking up Saddam is a Good Thing — betcha didn't expect to hear that from a liberal!) was done under false pretences.I am sorry that you are so filled with spite and bile (and whatever you've been breathing on your planet) that you consider jobs, healthcare, and education “tired liberal rhetoric”. The Republican party used to recognize these things as essential to maintaining a vibrant democracy and economic powerhouse. They've clearly lost their ties to reality. Oh, and the “kissing asses” you so charmingly refer to used to be known as diplomacy. Even Reagan and the first Bush knew that it was an important component in governance. Well, that's what you get when you take your cues from a guy who can't even be bothered to read the paper, watch a decent news program, or, g*d forbid, listen to NPR. Go ahead and live in your dream world, but don't drag us all into another four years of this nightmare. This country deserves better — even you do, whether you recognize it or not.(Sorry for the long rant, Rick!)

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