If I were Joe Trippi, I would have spent last night on the flight back to NH forcing Howard Dean to watch Dean’s “concession” speech in Iowa. Again. And again. And again.

Try listening to this audio clip more than once. Go ahead, I dare you.

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  1. I didn't watch it, but I certainly haven't heard anything good about it. Eeeek.I did see a clip from another speech on the Daily Show last night, and it was down right freaky. Like, scared the cats from the room freaky. I'd never thought I'd have to tell a democratic candidate to calm the heck down. 🙂

  2. *Yawn* Wake me up when any of you liberals start admitting that you were wrong about Howard Dean and about campaigning on 'Hatred.'The real story of this Howard Dean mess up is the following:1) Howard Dean campaigned on Hatred and Hatred never wins.2) Clintonism still reigns supreme over Liberals and the way they think, breathe, eat, and sleep.3) Iowans are just as extremist as any other liberal but… Voters aren't stupid. They aren't idiots. They vote with their conscience. No matter how much *I* may berate liberal voters… Even *I* know that these liberals want the candidate that has the most positive image. Right now that positive image is John Kerry.4) Even though John Kerry and Edwards both voted for war with Iraq… They also voted against the 87 Billion to re-build and reconstruct post-war Iraq. This means that Iowans are just as ANTI-WAR as any other liberals out there. It's just that Howard Dean does not have the look and feel of a President. See? I told you so!

  3. Not that Iowa Hawkeye Cauci means anything. It doesn't. Many a Democrat falls flat in Iowa and New Hampshire and still goes on to win the Primaries.But, I'm willing to now put my reputation on the line. Howard Dean will lose New Hampshire and lose the Democratic Nomination.

  4. WGN in Chicago has not stopped playing it. May have been done to fire up the young crowd supporting him but when it comes time to vote for him it will be hard for folks when imagining a President giving a Yeahhh like that unless on the back of a horse.

  5. Oh man,Playing to the energy in the room and capping a 10 minute speech, as a live performance I completely understand how he got there. It's the anti-soundbyte though.

  6. I don't see the problem myself. Not with Dean's speech anyway. The problem comes when we have the “liberal media” doing the RNC's work for them. Dean was a little over exuberant but he was not “nuts”. All he was doing was trying to pump up his (sorely disappointed) supporters that were in the room.Losing in Iowa may turn out to be the best thing that could have happened. After today's news cycle, the focus of the “liberal media” will be on Kerry, Edwards and Clark. Let's see how they like it.

  7. What's the big deal? Any candidate that expects to win against Bush needs to have that kind of energy and more.If another emotionless Al Gore clone runs again, he'll lose, I promise you.

  8. To me one of the most interesting things about this situation is the intolerance of the Dean campaign to any suggestion that there is in fact a problem or that it could reflect any shortcoming or defect in the candidate instead being the unfair media which is out to get him or just doesn't understand him, etc. Sorry, but that attitude even if justified just doesn't cut it. Politics ain't beanbag. I'm sure he was just trying to pump up his supporters but the hard reality is it matters not what he was trying to do but what he did. What he did was to make an ass of himself on national TV and to feed bigtime the doubts that existed about him. There was a lot of criticism of Gore for having too many handlers, etc., but this situation shows how important handlers are. Dean either did not have the kind of handlers he needed or he didn't listen to them. It is too late now…he's toast. I'm sorry to see that as he has made a real contribution on Iraq and other issues. It's over, and all that remains is for him and his following to come to grips that and move on. Incidentally I really appreciate a website which will allow one to say this, whether you agree with me or not. His official “open” (baloney!) weblog took a posting of mine and fraudulently rewrote it to agree with their party line.

  9. Hey Pat, I experienced a similar situation that you did, only it was on Kerry's official website. I am no longer recognized as a member; I can't even post comments. I've sent a few emails to their administrator asking why; so far I've been ignored. So much for liberal “tolerance.” That's okay, I'm getting a cable hookup to the internet soon; I'll get back on. But only long enough to voice my dissent and be barred.Anyway, much to my displeasure, Dean is finished. Now I have to focus on John “Flip-flop” Kerry. Shouldn't be too hard; he makes it easy…

  10. And another thing–boring Al Gore would have a better chance than Dean against Bush. So will Kerry, but not good enough. We Bushies have to fight the haters and the liberal media…

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