The Media is saving us from Dean?

This is ludicrous. Peggy Noonan in today’s WSJ claims that the press (who, she admits, have become “an anti-Dean mover”) is saving us from ourselves out of a sense of duty to the Democratic Party:

[Dean] seems as unlovable (unless you’re a Deaniac) as he is improbable. But I suspect there’s something else at work. I wonder if mainstream media aren’t trying to save the Democratic Party from Mr. Dean. They know he’s not a likely winner down the road. Boomer reporters who’ve been through the Clinton experience have sharp eyes. I suspect they’re put off by Mr. Dean’s Clintonian aspects, such as his tendency to dissemble. They’re pushing Gephardt and Edwards and even Kerry. They may push Wesley Clark. But they’re not pushing Dean.

I don’t even know where to begin.

2 responses to “The Media is saving us from Dean?”

  1. The Clintons have owned the Mainstream Press and they still along with Terry McAullife have the Democratic Party stuffed in their pockets. This is beginning to look a lot like Liberalism, everywhere you go.The Democrats are much different than the Republicans because the Democrats have to 'please' every single interest group. All of these interest groups from Senior Citizens, Gays, Global Warming Envirowacks, Unions, e.t.c. They are all pushing and shoving the Democratic Party around in order to get their way.This shouldn't come to you as a surprise Rick. There are far too many democrats running for president and far too many interest groups that are pushing their own candidates and far too much Clitonism in all of this political mess. The Centrist Group that Bill Clinton had put together (which isn't really centrist at all but more like a Clintonized part of the Democratic Party) doesn't like Howard Dean.After all is said and done I am glad I support a political party (Republicans) that at least can make up their minds on a single candidate quickly and easily.

  2. Actually, I think Noonan means “pushes around.” Yeah, nobody pushes around Howard Dean. About time we got a fighter in this party.

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