SNL parody ad on the candidates

SNL just ran a parody ad from all of the Democratic candidates except Howard Dean. “Why bother waiting to lose faith in him when George Bush accuses him of selling Ben & Jerry’s to finance his gay marriage to Saddam Hussein, when we’re saying it right now?

They got a few of the candidates down cold, a few others were funny but not spot-on. John Kerry: “Please, America. Do this not just for me, but for America. But mostly for me.” Or Gephardt: “This is about experience. This is my 19th time running for president.”

But what really made the ad: after slamming Dean left, right and center, the screen fades and then up comes the DNC logo. “Paid for by the DNC.”


If you can get to Iowa and show everyone else that this campaign is about us, not about Dean, then get there. We sent a dozen people to Dubuque today (they got the trifecta — Gore, Harkin, and Dean — in a rally). A bunch of us are going next weekend. Every person helps.

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