Mirra personal server

Interesting review at CNN.com about the Mirra personal server, a Linux-powered home appliance that serves as a personal server. No IP settings to worry about, and it’ll automatically back up any computer connected to the network. It appears to offer file versioning, so you can always revert to a prior version of the file, which would be a nice benefit. The 80 gig model is just $400, the 120 gig model is $500.

If I wanted to do this on my own (I’ve got a spare PC in the basement that’s not doing anything), what would be the easiest way to do it?

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  1. I too have an old machine (P133?) that would be perfect for the job, once I get a big drive and a network card for it…I suppose you could use Samba to see the drives on my Windows machine, with a script or two to do the copying (I think creating folders with names based on the date would probably be a start), triggered from cron.The only problem I can see is that I don't have the machines on 24/7, and there's no time guaranteed when I'll not want to use them. Having the drive accessed while I'm working on something heavy would be a pain.A screensaver that checked a flag to say “back me up” might be a possible…

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