Java Home Media Option for TiVo

As I wrote previously, I purchased the TiVo Home Media Option on my TiVo Series 2 box. I love it — it has connected my home PC with my TV and stereo system in exactly the way I wanted.

That said, the TiVo desktop software that is installed on the PC (which “publishes” the music and photos to your TiVo) leaves a bit to be desired. It’s a little slow, and it only serves up photos and music. Why not other digital formats?

Turns out someone already asked that question — fortunately it’s someone who knows how to program. If you have TiVo’s HMO installed, you should definitely check out Java HMO. It’s a replacement for the TiVo desktop software — and it expands (greatly) the content you can stream to the TiVo. With Java HMO, I now get weather (it polls every hour), movie listings (via, radio from, and several other nifty features.

Even more intriguing: on the Java HMO wishlist they include RSS feeds, traffic reports, and more. Check it out.

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