Dean blog imported into TINS

I just completed an import of posts from my old Dean blog into TINS. (For those who didn’t know, TINS is an acronym: There Is No Spoon. It’s a Matrix reference.)

Over the next week, I’ll be updating the category pages, and providing more flexibility in RSS feeds so those of you who only want to hear about certain things from me can do so.

As has been obvious over the last few months, I’ve been writing less about technology and more about politics. Given my level of involvement in the Dean campaign, this shouldn’t be too surprising. That said, I expect to post less Dean-specific stuff here; for those posts (exclusively about Dean), I’ll likely post them to my page at DuPage for Dean, the Deanspace site I set up for our county organization last month.

Bear with me as I complete this transition. If anything appears funky as this process moves forward, just leave a comment.


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