Send Jonathan K-T to Burlington!

I don’t have a bat for this, but bear with me. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins has put as much time into electing Howard Dean as any volunteer in the country. He signed more people up for DeanLink than anyone else in the country (469 at last count). He’s compiled a master list of every Yahoo group focused on the Dean campaign, so Burlington could better manage their communications with everyone.

The kicker? He can’t even vote in the upcoming election. He’s fourteen years old. (For more on his accomplishments, check out this article.)

What can you do? You can chip in a buck or two to help send him to Burlington. Visit this page and click the PayPal link. Give whatever you can. His parents wisely went ahead and bought the ticket already (locking in a lower fare), but this is definitely something that JKT has earned and something that we as a community should be able to cover.

So — what do you say? Can you help him out? Send this kid to Burlington. I have no doubt that his time will be well spent.

9 responses to “Send Jonathan K-T to Burlington!”

  1. I'm already earning money to just to leave the state of Michigan because Jennifer Granholm was elected governor and the legislature which is Republican has decided to 'delay' a scheduled income tax cut.So…. Can someone donate money to ME in case Howard Dean wins? Cause if he wins I will definitely consider leaving to some unknown area where by I will create my own 'true' conservative nation.

  2. Oh gee Rick. Are my comments starting to 'annoy' you? 'upset' you? Awww too bad. I wish I could feel your pity when Saddam Hussein was captured.Interesting how you have absolutely NOTHING TO SAY on the day Saddam Hussein was caught. While all of the other Liberal, Pro-Dean, Web Logs are trying to 'Ignore' the significance of this momentus occasion.It all boils down to one thing. Do you love your country? Or do you love your party? Which comes first? For you Rick and for Howard Dean, the Political Party has always came FIRST and FOREMOST over foreign policy. I will not sit here and let Howard Dean undermine the progress towards Liberty in the Middle East just for his own political gain. I will not sit here and listen to a bunch of Doom and Gloomers either.Should Dean win.. Yea I may consider leaving America to build my own nation. But, the day he is finally gone and replaced, I will be back.

  3. Jeff,Thank you for you intelligent, yet thoughtful comments.I'm sure your aware that your astute intellect and sharp logic will be sorely missed when you leave the humble state of Michigan, and the United States of America, and do respectfully ask you to reconsider.I do however, before you leave, modestly request you do view the following post on Blog for America: I'm sure your completely fluent with your knowledge of “Liberal, Pro-Dean, Web Logs,” Blog for America is the official web log for the Dean campaign – which I'm sure would fit under you description of “Liberal” and “Pro-Dean.”Also, I just wanted to let you know I do hate my country, and I currently have both French and German flags hanging from the roof – and I look forward to moving to your country, when it is formed, to pour a steady flow of cash into Islamic, anti-American terrorists as well as donate heavy sums of money to the United Nations.

  4. Bleh. I was only *kidding* about leaving America actually. Well then again.. Who knows what a Howard Dean presidency could end up doing? In the war on Terrorism a President that remains 'docile' towards Evil Dictators and Terrorists specifically because DEAN hates his own Nation is a nation that might be best left for awhile.I donno. I'd be a little cautious to stay in America with Howard Dean as president. Cautious because of the war on Terrorism. I might head to some other nations that have BELIEVED in George W. Bush and continue to fight the war on terrorism.I certainly do not want a President Like Howard Dean to go around funding Palestinian Terrorists and Encouraging them to kill Israelis. I don't want the Israeli country to suffer just because Dean thinks its right. So what it all boils down to is what can I do as a 'Citizen' of America to protect the world from Howard Dean's Evil Intents?

  5. I love it how people are spending tons of money donating to various people such as this Jonathon K-T to specifically 'attack Bush! Support Dean! Attack Bush! Bush Hatred!'It's hillarious! These liberals want America to toss money around to the poor people but the facts show that liberals spend their money on politics and not on the poor!

  6. Jeff,You got me:Howard Dean is evil.I hate the poor.We (Democrats) are funding terrorists.We will let terrorists SATURATE our neighborhoods, our schools, and our buisnesses. Hell, there's going to be so many in this country, that under a Dean administration, we may start granting them citizenship.I hate the US.

  7. actually you silly people, Dean wants to refocus on Bin Laden.and even though he didn't agree w the war with Iraq, he plans to keep us there until everything is cleaned up.A dictator was captured. That's nice, but we were LIED to about the reason for the war. Do you want a president who LIES to you? Okay, you don't care. That makes you as bad as he is. You deserve him. Do you really think he's thinking about you?you're using fear to scare people. And when you use the words 'evil'

  8. Some say Howard Dean is more qualified (intelligent) than President Bush to be President because he has a medical degree and they don't graduate idiots??? Well Jimmy Carter was a nuclear physist type guy for military icon Admiral Hyman Rickover in a very-elite portion of the U.S. Navy and he was an absolute disaster as President ….. the Millard Fillmore of his time. Jimmy Carter at least had a moral character. Howard Dean is nothing but a new millenium Eugene McCarthy anarchist hoping for 1968 era-like turmoil of a Vietnam quagmire and US cities burning in order to gain a Lenin-like takeover of America. He is also an awful liar, certainly not up to the craven standards of Bill Clinton. Dean has entranced a few disenfrancised folks with an empty of ideas anger approach (style) over vision (substance), big deal!. Good luck to the Democrats following this lemming over the cliff……

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