Replacing my aggregator

I’m looking to replace my current aggregator, NewzCrawler. It’s become a CPU hog, often consuming every CPU cycle to the point that my XP system becomes unstable. Here’s my list of requirements:

  • Stability. I’m not looking to become a beta tester for another app. I want something that works.
  • Movable Type integration. If I see something in my aggregator, I want to be able to automatically post it to my weblog.
  • Feed sorting. I like being able to see posts by feed, but I will also occasionally (especially after a long period of not reading my aggregator) want a “newspaper” view where I can just focus on items arranged chronologically, independent of source. Whatever aggregator I choose, I’d like it to handle both.

  • Web-based. Ideally, I’d like to just install something on my webserver and access it through a browser.

In doing a little digging, I found Feed on Feeds, a PHP/mySQL RSS reader that lives on a server. It doesn’t appear to allow me to automatically post to Movable Type, but this looks to be on the right track.

Which aggregator are you using? Which would you recommend?

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  1. Rick–I am a newsgator fan, myself, but it is PC based. Another friend has recommended BlogLines (recommended above) to me when I mentioned I was looking for an accessible-from-any-net-connection aggregator…it might be worth a look.

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