Hi there… in the next few days, I will be combining this weblog with my personal blog. On or before January 1, you will find this site at

TINS is an acronym: There Is No Spoon. It’s a line from the first Matrix, when “spoon boy” tries to help Neo see the world for what it is, and tries to teach him how to bend it ever so slightly.

In any event, I’m no longer interested in separating out my political comments from my comments on other topics (law, technology, marketing, etc.). I will be making changes to my blog that will allow you to view content by category, so if you’re interested in reading only those comments that pertain to Howard Dean, you’ll be able to.

Expect light posts for the next couple days, then drop in at tins and say hi!

2 responses to “Moving”

  1. Just want to make one comment about your candidate, Howard Dean. I just now saw a clip apparently from the debates, but possible just a speech he made, where he said, “there were no middle class tax cuts”. What planet is he from again? We live on a salesmans wages and a small retirement check. If we are not middle class, who is? We received a tax cut DR. Dean! We have been helped by this tax cut. Dean will fare better in politics if he sticks to reality.

  2. Hi – Dean's comments reflect a belief that while some dollars found their way to the middle class under the Bush tax cut, the net effect of Bush's policies has been to underfund (or completely unfund) services the middle class relies on. End result?See for more details.–Rick

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