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  1. Howard Dean: mmmmmm, another pretty boy trying to make it big. The more money, the more power he will have. Not sure that it will overtake Bush, but a Democrat in the White House? That instills deep fear in me. A Democrat. One, just like Clinton – oh dear. I am still reeling over the Clinton era – such scandal – such abuse of the people's money, time, and resources. You can't even get Howard's records open from his term as Governor – ooohhhhh, such secrecy. Sounds like a Clinton-type administration to me. What do you think.

  2. Sherry – Thanks so much for the reasoned debate, and the I'm sure sincere request for my opinion. If my opinion isn't obvious from the hundreds of posts here, I'm skeptical whether anything I could say in these comments would make it more clear.Re: the records issue. Check out my post from a few days ago. Re: Clinton's scandals: irrelevant to Dean's candidacy.Anything else?

  3. Pretty boy?!?! That's the first time I've heard that said about Howard.This endorsement is important because it shows how the Dean campaign is truly a movement. The Democratic party needs to get away from the DLC campaign tactics of the past and start to bring voters back into the process. No one knows better the mistakes of the old approach – Al Gore gets it.

  4. I hope Dean wins the nomination so he and the Liberal fanatics are put back under their rocks. This guy is an absolute nobody.

  5. Howard Dean and all of his supporters are absolutely desperate in trying to convince everyone in America that Howard Dean is 'centrist.' Part Conservative and Part Liberal.Good luck! Anywho… Al Gore got into a major fight with Clinton (argument) after George W. Bush was certified the winner. Al Gore called up Clinton and blamed HIM for his loss to Bush. So?? Gore decides to endorse Howard Dean? Why the heck does this shock, surprise, amaze the liberals? Wasn't this something expected that finally happened? This is Al Gore's attempt to get revenge on Clinton while also exposing himself as being just as radical, fanatically, ridiculously Socialist as Dean.

  6. — I hope Dean wins the nomination so he and the Liberal fanatics are put back under their rocks –Wow, lets remember it is a long time until November (just a bit under a year) and a lot can happen between now and then. Also more people did vote for Al Gore and he did come within a wisker of winning the presidency so this endorcement has real meaning.I think the days of assuming Bush is going to just roll over whomever is running against him are over. The last election was close, the next one will be as well. The shift in the electoral college to the south is going to help Bush but it will not be a cakewalk and Republicans everywhere should not assume it is going to be.

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