Dean preparing a response ad

The campaign brought the bat back, this time to respond to yesterday’s Club for Growth ad. The response ad will begin airing this weekend in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Here’s the text of the ad

Title: “Club for Truth”

Length: 30 seconds

Video / Audio

Image of George Bush over a closed factory. / “George Bush. His economic policies created the largest deficit in our county’s history.”

Footage from Club for Growth ad. / “Now he’s hiding behind negative ads that falsely attack Howard Dean.”

Text appears: The Truth: / “The Truth?”

Footage of HD on the campaign trail. / “Howard Dean balanced budgets 11 years in a row. He’s a fiscal conservative who cut state income taxes—twice. Raised the minimum wage. And provided health care coverage for nearly every child in his state.”

HD voice over under footage. / “I’m Howard Dean. I approved this message because they’re not trying to stop me, they’re trying to stop you.”

Here’s how the bat’s doing so far:

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