Dean House Party in Naperville, IL

For those of you reading this who are local (to me, that is), consider yourself invited to our house party for Howard Dean on Tuesday, December 30.

And for those of you who are not local but who would like to show your support, please feel free to click the link above and donate a few bucks. (And if you were going to contribute before year-end, why not contribute through that link and give our modest house party a nice tip o’ the cap?)

We hosted a house party in April, our first political fundraiser (as attendees or hosts). We’ve since been to several — and found the house party format to be yet another example of how the Dean campaign has made a difference in our lives. Put the politics aside, put the rhetoric aside, and what you’re left with is a movement that has connected us with more people in our community than anything else we’ve done in the three years we’ve lived here.

So — we’re looking forward to Tuesday night. So far, more than 30 are confirmed to attend, and I’ve heard from close to 10 others that they’ll likely be here. My wife said she’d handle up to 50, so that leaves room for you. What are you waiting for? You’ll have a ball. And you’ll meet some cool people. Come visit!

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  1. I think Howard better do better in a debate. How could anyone run if they let a THUG like the so called “Rev” Al Shapton use Dean as a door Mat? That is what we are trying to get rid of now. I don't think his hiding A governor record is too good either.ROBERT L. JONESPROUD DEMOCRAT

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