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What a great idea!

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  1. Since when is it a crime to be rich in this country? Why does everyone attack Bush because he has so much money? Where does Dean get his money? You people are unbelievably naive if you think that Dean will get elected – NOT A CHANCE. RE-ELECT PRESIDENT BUSH!

  2. Howard Dean can win *if* President Bush is asleep at the wheel on what Howard Dean has in store during the general election phase. Due to what his father did with Clinton in office, I am not one to out right exclude the fact that Howard Dean *could* win.The American People *must* continue to have a strong economy running through 2004. The Iraqi situation *must* be presented with a laundry list of postive, upbeat, progressive news on what's going on over there.George W. Bush must not spend too much of his time attack Howard Dean. He must also spend sometime being upbeat, optimistic about the war on terrorism and the economy. While it will be Howard Dean's job to demonize George W. Bush while promising the entire WORLD and a side of Pancakes to the American People. (Not that he hasn't already).Dean is a radical, socialist, domestic agenda loving politician. Dean keeps talking about his 'record' in Vermont. Well what record in Vermont as Governor? I absolutely can't find any information on it. He has kept it confidential.

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