I’m very proud to announce DuPage for Dean, a new website for the Dean community in DuPage County, Illinois.

This is a Deanspace site, which is a customized version of Drupal tweaked by dozens of Dean volunteers around the country specifically for Dean volunteer communities at the local, state and national levels.

After just a couple weeks of playing with the system, I am amazed at the sophistication of the system and the speed with which the Dean open source effort is delivering true innovation to the masses.

In short, with this release, every one of our supporters gets a weblog. The site has an aggregator that monitors feeds we input; those posts can then be routed to the front page, or can be blogged individually by the users. It goes beyond blogging, of course, so we can create pages specific to us, poll the community on questions that are important, send postcards, and much more.

What many haven’t apparently realized is that the technology underpinning this entire effort is from the blog world. Every Deanspace site talks to via XML-RPC, content is routed from community sites around the Net via RSS, and modules between community sites will be shared (in the next release) via RSS.

Slick, revolutionary stuff.

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