Web hosting suggestions?

I’ve been a Verio customer for seven years. I pay $25/month for 200 megs of disk space and 7.5 gigs of bandwidth. It includes CGI hosting, but nothing else — no PHP, no mySQL, etc. I have a total of 10 POP mailboxes on the domain, star aliasing for mail forwarding, and 20 unique e-mail aliases.

My biggest frustration with Verio right now is server performance — Movable Type takes forever to run on my server; I have access to two other MT installations which are blindingly fast in comparison. So goal #1 is zippy Perl processing. Goal #2 is to lower my monthly cost. Beyond that, I’d like to have abilities to grow — I don’t know PHP today, but given what I’ve seen some other sites do with it, I’m inclined to dabble one of these days. And mySQL is also on the “down the road” list.

So… who have you had good experiences with? What’s a reasonable cost?

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  1. I have used a few hosting services with different results, but I'm extremely happy with imhosted.com – I use their $9.95 starter plan (http://www.imhosted.com/compare_plans_detailed.shtml). 350Mb / 20Gig traffic, PHP/Perl/MySql, SSH access, shopping carts, preinstalled scripts: phpBB Forums, PHP-Nuke, phpLinks, phpAuction, Post-Nuke, phpWebSite, phpMyChat, b2, xoops, Invision Board, phpProjekt, 4Images Gallery, Live Helper, , Moodle, Noah's Classifieds, WebCalendar, PHPlist I had it set me up a postnuke site via the control panel for testing today and it took me less than 5 minutes.

  2. I also use PHPWebhosting.com. Very good too, not as good a controlpanel as Imhosted. I have a cron job on imhosted that uses rsync to keep my site synched with phpwebhosting each night, so i can swap over in short order if I want to.You may also want to check out http://fourbucks.net

  3. I've had really good luck running movabletype over at oneworldhosting.com and at hostcolor.com. Hostcolor has been suprisingly good for a personal site for the price, I have the 300MB, 10GB plan for $60yr.

  4. Rick: I've got 2 sites on FutureQuest at http://www.futurequest.net. FQ is small, rock solid and very responsive. They host an open forum for users so any complaints about service, etc. are there for the world to see. They deliver on their promises and they communicate well. 5 stars.

  5. Web Host AlternativesRick Klau has changed his web host to TotalChoiceHosting. The comments at his blog contain a few suggestions that supplement those I provided here recently….

  6. I’m happy with http://www.citizen-hosting.com They have demonstrated excellent service during my time with them. They offer high bandwidth, up to date software support and lots of features for a reasonable cost. Also, the stuff is friendly soI can honestly say I’m quite satisfied with them.

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