The mixed message of standardized testing

Jennifer Klyse has some poignant observations about the challenge of measuring school performance through standardized tests.

No child left behind? I’m not so sure.

2 responses to “The mixed message of standardized testing”

  1. Just because it is not being implemented well in some places does not make it a bad idea. All of the schools I went to from K-12 are all on the 'The List' here in IL. Is it money, no those schools have higher average teacher salaries as well as higher per student spending then other better performing schools.The traditional answer to solve education problems has been money. Well the solution is not just money and anything that can move poor performing schools forward at this point is worth trying.

  2. Thanks for the link, Rick. I don't know what the solution is, outside of privatization of education or at least the introduction of competition through vouchers…which I know would be at the top of your list. :)Seriously, though, I think standardized tests might well do a good job of measuring school performance; after all, this school will have low standardized test scores, and to the extent that they are used to measure the school's performance, they're accurate. What concerns me is the school's *focus* on the test at the expense of student achievement.jen

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