Naperville Sun covers our Iowa road trips

Here’s a great article in the Naperville Sun (Naperville is a town of about 130,000) about our efforts to shuttle volunteers to Iowa:

Local Dean supporters begin road trips to Iowa

By Katie Foutz

Naperville resident Rick Klau will pack his bags with glossy brochures bearing Howard Dean’s name and head west to Des Moines nextweekend with his wife and kids.

Because Iowa’s Jan. 19 presidential primaries are the earliest in the country, the state is a political destination for everyone hoping to woo undecided voters.

One of those groups is DuPage for Dean, a 400-member organization of Naperville, Wheaton and other area residents supporting Vermont Gov. Dean’s Democratic bid for U.S. president. More than 20 members are making weekend road trips this month to stay with Iowa families and distribute fliers about the campaign in their neighborhoods. … more

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