Dean shakes up Democratic Race

Dean shakes up Democratic race

“The more liberals find out about his record as governor of Vermont, the more they’re going to be uncomfortable with him,” said Jim Jordan, campaign manager for Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.).

Assume for a moment this is true. Jordan doesn’t actually think that after acquainting themselves with Dean’s record in Vermont, Dean supporters would turn to Kerry, does he?

The anybody-but-Dean strategy being trotted out by Kerry, Gephardt, Edwards and Lieberman is getting tiresome. As this article points out, it’s not working.

If Kerry could articulate his own agenda as clearly as he can articulate his frustration with Dean, he wouldn’t be trailing by 15 points in New Hampshire.

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  1. I have a plan: The opposition to Dean is always about seven steps behind figuring out what's going on with his popularity. My plan is to not tell them.All they really do is mimic the lines that get the biggest crowd reaction from Dean's speeches. Why vote for Dean-lite when you can get Dean?

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