I’d forgotten how much fun spam was

For a little more than a year, I’ve been a SpamCop subscriber, and in those 13 months, SpamCop has intercepted more than 27,000 spam messages. One of the advantages to SpamCop is that it’s server-based, so I don’t have to download the e-mail before seeing if it’s spam or not. (This is a huge advantage whenever I’m using my Treo.) All I need to do is forward my rklau.com e-mail directly to SpamCop where it decides whether to hold it (spam) or release it (not spam). It’s not 100% effective (there are some false positives, and it doesn’t catch all spam) but I’d say it’s at around 98-99% effective.

But I think the SpamCop proprietors learned a valuable lesson this week: never, ever register your domain with a registrar named “Joker”. No, I’m not making this up. For reasons that are still not obvious, Joker cancelled SpamCop’s DNS entries, rendering SpamCop’s domains invisible to the rest of the net. Result? I have to turn off mail forwarding to SpamCop until they get their DNS fixed.

Does anyone ever read this stuff?

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