Desktop Dean – get it early!

Michael Muegel has just told me by e-mail that Desktop Dean is now available. For the techies among you, you’ll recognize this as an RSS aggregator that is configured to download RSS feeds of the official campaign blog, as well as several other blogs (including this site).

For the non-techies, this is a program that you download, and instead of having to remember to visit all the blogs you read on a regular basis, Desktop Dean automatically downloads the new posts for you, and alerts you when there’s new content. You decide which sites to monitor, and it grabs the content for you. From the application, you can forward items to friends, leave comments, etc. See the features page for a complete list of features and functions.

Michael hasn’t officially “launched” this yet, and asked me to announce it here so he could get a few more people to test it out and make sure it’s ready for prime time. What are you waiting for? Download it now!

Update Please note this is a PC-only application.

6 responses to “Desktop Dean – get it early!”

  1. Rick,You should point out that it's PC-only. No Mac support. (Especially since the link you provide asks you to provide your e-mail address before you get to the point where you realize it might be useless to you.)

  2. Doc – your comments are no longer welcome here. If you can stick to sane commentary (regardless of your political stripe) you're more than welcome. But I pay for the hosting of this site, and see no reason to pay for this useless waste of bits.–Rick

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