Changes to the weblog

FYI — I’ve taken advantage of the fact that I’m rebuilding this weblog from the ground up in moving webhosts to change the way some things operate behind the scenes. The biggest change is the way in which my archive URLs are built. As a result, old inbound links are broken. There was no easy way around this (as I saw it), so I’ve created a custom 404 page (which I will make a bit more presentable as soon as I get a free minute) allowing anyone who lands on a bad link to at least get to the blog’s home page. I will be adding in a search engine so they can jump right to what they were looking for shortly.

For those that are interested, I’m following a slightly-modified version of Mark Pilgrim’s instructions on making your URLs more intuitive and predictable. I was never quite happy with the …/tins/01184.html URL — since the number didn’t tell you anything about the file itself. Now archives are in the format of …/tins/archives/year/month/day/keyword.html. This is a far more desirable solution (to my mind).

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions, or you notice that anything here is broken. Thanks!

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