Bloomba – e-mail client update

After a couple heavy days of Bloomba use, here’s some feedback:

  • The spam filter is quite good. No false positives yet. Bloomba doesn’t actually do the spam filtering, the proxy server (SA Proxy) that’s bundled with Bloomba does. And there’s a nice integration point between the two: if you get a message in your inbox that’s spam, click the “delete as spam” button — this will train the Bayesian filter over time to make SA Proxy smarter.

  • The searching mechanism is crazy fast. And here’s the scary part: it searches attachments. Now that I’ve figured that out, I can’t for the life of me figure out why Outlook doesn’t work this way. I’m actually starting to think about moving away from Outlook for e-mail and to use Bloomba as my primary e-mail client for all communication.

  • Automatic threading by subject is nice — so multiple replies on the same subject are automatically nested. This makes the organization in your inbox much simpler.

  • One nice feature in Outlook 2003 is its three-pane view; in just the last month, I’ve become quite reliant on this presentation of information. And since our screens are wider than they are tall, it really makes you wonder why they haven’t done this before? Turns out Bloomba can do this as well.

More to come.

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