When blogs hit the big-time

I think David Weinberger’s thoughts on what happens when blogs get “really big” are right on. Lots of meat on this post; his thinking is consistent with a lot of what I’ve been thinking regarding blog communications and where things are headed.

Yesterday was a good example of how my blog has changed my communications style. I wanted to know if Denise had seen comments on a particular issue at DigitalID World; instead of sending her an e-mail, I mentioned her in my blog. Within a half hour, she replied — and anyone interested in that issue saw the reply. Very cool, and a good example of where this is headed.

If you think about it, current e-mail inboxes are about the last place you want to look for valuable information. You can’t Google it, nobody else can see it, and it’s grown too unwieldy to be much use.

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