I hadn’t seen this discussed elsewhere: Upcoming.org — an RSS-driven calendar service that lets you post an RSS version of your calendar to your weblog. Simple idea, great execution.

Look for an upcoming nugget on the sidebar soon…

Update 8:10pm: OK, so I probably should have played with this before posting about it. I was under the impression that you could create your own calendar of events; it appears to be more of a group service geared to letting groups and friends track who’s going to what event. The XML syndication is a way of exposing your events on your blog.

That said, it’s not designed to just create a list of calendar entries you’d like to put on your blog. Guess we’ll have to wait for that service.

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  1. As long as the events you're attending are open to the public and not personal events, you're free to add them to the site. It wouldn't work well as an appointment calendar, but odds are you wouldn't want to post that on your website anyway.

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