TPM Interviews Wesley Clark

Take a look over at Josh Marshall’s interview of Wes Clark. It’s a good overview of the candidate and worth a read.

Note to the Clark blog — Liberal Oasis interviewed Howard Dean back in May.

Update: The folks maintaining the Clark blog have changed the text of the post. It originally read “This is the first time a blogger has interviewed a presidential candidate.” It now reads “This is the first time a blogger has interviewed Clark.” Kudos for the quick correction.

Update #2 (10/2/03, 9:41am): Thanks to dean4me2004 in my comments, I see that the Clark guys have changed the language again, this time to say that “This is the first time a blogger has interviewed a presidential candidate face-to-face.” Not really. David Weinberger, well-known blogger (and NPR commentator) rode the press bus during the Sleepless Summer Tour in August and did interview Dean (entries were cross-posted to the Campaign Blog as well). Now, if we want to get picky, David didn’t publish a long-ish transcript of his interview. But still… this is getting silly.

Update #3 (10/3/03, 10:02pm): Turns out we were all wrong. The distinction of first blogger to interview a presidential candidate belongs to Jerome Armstrong, who interviewed Howard Dean in June, 2002. Details here.

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  1. Rick, You may want to reconsider and retract your kudos for the Clark web team. As of this morning, when I viewed the Clark site, the statement said: “This is the first time a blogger has interviewed a presidential candidate face-to-face.” Perhaps it's technically accurate, but misleading and in light of the previous correction, slightly dishonest. It's certainly not deserving of applause.

  2. Editing blog postsI now have three separate copies of this post from the Clark campaign blog in my news aggregator. Why? Well, they’ve changed the language on the post at least three times that I can tell: Draft 1: “During the General’s…

  3. Good grief. What yahoos. Keep pushing it, Rick. I like your idea of bringing it up in the presidential blog forum at Winer's doohickie. On the other hand, I think it's a bad idea for any of the candidates' blog staff to get involved with Winer's thing at all, so… By the way, I've tried to sign up for the Clark email list a couple of times now. No go. (I'm for Dean, but I'm on a few campaign email lists just for curiousity's sake…). For some reason, I never get emails from the Clark campaign.

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