The curse

Something tells me that this search will yield far more hits in the next few days after the Cubs’ collapse.

From tomorrow’s Washington Post comes this nugget:

One doesn’t want to overstate Bartman’s problem, but it is possible that no one in the history of the world has ever managed so publicly, and so efficiently, to make (and this is the technical term) a complete buttface of himself.

Usually in sports, it is an athlete who suffers the curse of his team, but this time a civilian took the fall. By yesterday morning, the sports-talk radio folks had already concluded that in 50 years, no one will remember all the ways the Cubs imploded in the eighth inning — they’ll just remember the weak fly ball falling out of the sky like a mortar shell on poor Steve Bartman.

I feel for the guy. And for Cubs fans everywhere. No fan should have to endure this heartbreak.

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