Richmond Journal of Law & Technology – new issue out

For the lawyer types reading this, you should check out the latest issue of the Richmond Journal of Law & Technology. It includes articles on:

  • California’s Database Breach Notification Security Act: The First State Breach Notification Law is Not Yet a Suitable Template For National Identity Theft Legislation (HTML, PDF)
  • Towards a Theory of Cyberplace: A Proposal For a New Legal Framework (HTML, PDF)
  • Appealing a Rejection at the Patent Board of Appeals: Analysis of Recent Board Decisions and Non-Appeal Alternatives (HTML, PDF)
  • The Academy Chokes on Food Biotech, Public Policy Suffocates (HTML, PDF)

  • Globe Newspaper Co. v. Commonwealth: An Examination of the Media’s

“Right” To Retest Postconviction DNA Evidence (HTML, PDF)

I’m particularly proud of The Journal’s continued publication; I founded The Journal over nine years ago while clerking for EFF along with Brennen Keene and Ben Leigh. (Brennen opted to do Law Review, and left The Journal, but his early input was very useful.) That The Journal continues to thrive (this year’s staff numbers 47 students, nearly quadruple the number of students who worked on our first issue) is exciting. Congrats to all who worked hard on getting the first issue of the tenth volume out the door. That’s an incredible accomplishment.

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