Matt Langer wants to advertise in the NY Times

Matt Langer has an idea that might be crazy enough to work: get a bunch of A-list bloggers to work together to raise $156,000 to put a full-page ad in the Sunday NY Times.

The goal? Highlight the ability of weblogs to bring undiluted news and commentary to the masses, and shine a spotlight on the failure of the mass media to do the same.

You never know…

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  1. Dave – I knew this would be up your alley (weblogs, politics, the gray lady). Re: the cost estimate, I found this page:,1024,,00.html?l1Id=6&l2Id=24&HLId=545Which would suggest that the Sunday quarter-page ad is $46k, so the $156k number sounds about right. (That said, I'd guess that we could qualify for the NYT's 20% not-for-profit discount, which would lower our target to around $120k.)–Rick

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