Justice Scalia in the Big Easy

Ernie reports on Justice Scalia’s recent trip to New Orleans, and concludes:

[T]he reactions he receives from those who staunchly disagree with his views on constitutional interpretation are often filled with scorn and contempt. Which is unfortunate, but also strange. I can understand how people would not accept most of his views, and I’m certainly not saying I agree with everything he says either. But how can you not be at least intrigued by a judge who believes that the power of his office should be constrained? Most people who govern want to arrogate power, not decline it.

I’ve never been a Scalia fan (his “homosexual agenda” line from his dissent in Lawrence v. Texas was only his most recent unfortunate comment), but I tend to agree with Ernie. Principled individuals in any level of government are to be admired, even (especially?) when they are at odds with our own views.

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