I downloaded iTunes for Windows last week, and share the enthusiasm expressed elsewhere. It is by far the easiest to use and most sophisticated music management application for Windows. I’ve been a MusicMatch user for about four years, and always found it to be a little too user-unfriendly.

Some things that make it so good:

  • The ability to link directly to tunes at the iTunes music store. (My first song bought at iTunes? Oklahoma by The Call.)
  • Smart Playlists that let you build playlists without requiring you to manually build them (based on your ratings, recently played songs, etc.).

  • Audible integration. I was an Audible cusotmer a long time ago, and still had a few books in my “library” that I had never listened to. Thanks to iTunes, I can add them to my iPod… and since my iPod has so much disk space, I can listen at the highest sound quality (a big improvement over my old MP3 player, which could only handle the inferior “2” setting which was worse than AM radio).

In classic Apple fashion, the fit and finish of the application is just “right”. Very easy to use, very sophisticated functionality. A big win.

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  1. Great song that I wouldn't have bought unless (1) you had been able to point to it, and (2) I had been able to sample it. So from a click in my news aggregator and a quick download I now own it. Muy cool!

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