Great “get local” event idea

Though my wife and I couldn’t attend this event (it was my birthday, and we’d already made plans), the DuPage for Dean crowd had a great time Saturday night. Organized by Karen and Doug Henk (Karen heads up volunteering efforts for us in DuPage), this was an innovative outreach event that I think would work in any community. Here’s Karen’s write-up:

Thanks to all who participated in the scavenger hunt last night. We had 10 people, and I would estimate we hit about 50-60 houses. Beth helped me scavenge my own neighborhood, and it was great to meet some more Democrats in the neighborhood and introduce them to Howard Dean. The other 2 teams, however, blew us away. Frank and Lorreta Valentin and Joan Schaeffer decided it was silly to skip perfectly good houses that didn’t happen to be on the Democratic voter list, so they hit the houses in between too! They ended up having to stop by the library and photocopy more fliers! Then Doug and Donna May went with Ron Wachholtz, and they gave away every flier they had and collected every “real” item on the list (there were several dubious items such as “A link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda”).

The “scavenger hunt” idea was to get people to go out, spread the word about Howard Dean, hunt down a couple real items in the process, then gather back at the organizers’ house to eat and share stories from the evening. Thanks to Karen and Doug for organizing the event, and thanks to everyone who attended this first effort. There are plans to do more of these as the Illinois Primary nears; in the meantime, start your own in your neighborhood!

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