Feedster comes into its own

I’ve written about Feedster before, but this weekend it has really shown its power as a meta-aggregator of any posts that have discussed BloggerCon. Dave Winer has put together a singularly spectactular collection of the leading minds on weblogs in all their various flavors.

Here’s the thing: being a conference about blogging, it’s no shock that there are a ton of people blogging about it. (Who knew?) And Feedster has built a page that presents any weblogs that talk about BloggerCon, giving those of us who couldn’t make it to Boston an unprecedented view of the conference.

I have checked in periodically over the weekend, and I feel like I was there. I periodically checked Feedster, and saw real-time reports (from those who were fortunate to win the war of WiFi at Harvard) as well as longer reports written when the attendees made it back to their hotel room.

Is there any doubt that conferences as we know them will never be the same?

Kudos to Dave for putting the whole program together, and many thanks to Scott for Feedster.

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