Dan Conley is off the bandwagon

Some sobering commentary (Updated URL – permalinks to Dan’s site appear broken) from Dan Conley, the guy who used to run Deanblog.com.

Dan does a good job of identifying trends he thinks will be decisive in 2004, and risks he sees in a Dean candidacy/presidency. I disagree with Dan, but want to take more time to digest his comments before responding. In the meantime, swing over to Dan’s new blog to read it for yourself.

7 responses to “Dan Conley is off the bandwagon”

  1. Keep the faith Rick. I agree with Luke about Conley. While it's true he writes well, Conley was right to give up writing under the name Deanblog. Writing there implied somehow he was hoping for the best for Dean, a role he never wanted. Conley seems to have a deaf ear to a lot of what makes Dean appealing, so I doubt he was ever really on the bandwagon. Instead, in my opinion, he places appearing presidenial as more important than anything else. Me, I've know Dean's faults from the beginning, and never needed to build him up more than he is. As for Conley, I know he's supposed to be an expert because of his past experience, but some of his commentary proved dead wrong, like predicting it was a terrible mistake to put up five bats at the end of September. While I respect him for giving up the Deanblog name, after reading him saying there's little difference between Dean and Bush, I'm probably not going to be visiting him much at danconley.com.

  2. Fair points, but don't misconstrue my link as an endorsement: after meeting Dean this week and spending time in Burlington last week, I'm more convinced than ever that Dean is the right guy and this campaign is what the party (and the country) needs.I'll work on my response over the weekend.–Rick

  3. While questioning Howard Dean's campaigners upon his financing… a series of them began to defame the memory of my brother… who passed away at loma linda university medical center's 7200 ward in October 1984. Todd Garth Anderson was a strong and vital kid. He was a fount of humor and human love.this link will disgust you with the soullessness of howard dean's campaigners as they attack the memory of a child victim of the godzilla of all brain tumors. http://www.livejournal.com/users/docmartian/24959.htmlwords like the words posted there on behalf of a political agenda should not go unavenged..I personally think the best revenge is to spread the word. Dean's staff are human filth. If you wish to write them however, please take into account that I've had networks of them swerve their cars at me… attempt to physically intimidate me… and act like nazis in a variety of shocking methods of huey long style politics. Spread the word remains my advice, you have greater networks of communication as activists, students and humanists, then they have as corrupt thugs.Respectfully,Kevin Andersonhoward dean! sucking israel's bean! a sellout machine! building fences not dreams! from the same guys that shot yitzhak rabin! and his lovely zionist wife, dr. steinberg-dean! bought by sex, a second doctor's income and ice cream. howard dean!

  4. Kevin AndersonI read this post on the Dean Blog. Not one person seem to comment on it. Why was thatI wonder. Your post describes your own selfquite well. Have a nice life

  5. ask yourself… who is the real person… and who are the trolls. i'd say they are the ones who AREN'T taking even a second to apologize for the atrocious comments about my dearly departed brother. nobody has. nobody will. dean is about the money he can get (and has gotten) from israel. his mad power grab is identical to the methods by which hitler came to power. only instead of undereducated farm boys and organized crime types…. he uses gays and rednecks… i was a diehard dem until dean sold out palestine and talked shit about my brother who died of a massive brain tumor. Now? GOP for life.why?because not even the dems have expressed regret for dean's staffers/campaigners poor taste and judgement.here's an example of the taste, love and judgement of the dean campaign… remember… they're talking about a 9 year old who died after a long battle with cancer.

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