Clark campaign sponsoring Google searches

This is interesting:

The Clark campaign is the #2 sponsored search result when you look for information about Howard Dean.

Interestingly, they’re also sponsoring John Kerry. But no other candidates. Certainly would suggest that the Clark camp doesn’t see any threat from the Lieberman, Gephardt or Edwards campaigns.

Now before anyone goes off and says they’re the first to do this (ahem!), the Dean camp did this briefly back in March. More interestingly, one has to wonder why the other candidates (including Dean) aren’t doing it now?

Bottom line: this is smart. Really smart. Clark’s guys are proving that the Dean campaign isn’t the only one thinking creatively about leveraging the web.

4 responses to “Clark campaign sponsoring Google searches”

  1. I'm not 100% what this is about exactly… But either way I will make sure President George Bush gets far more attention on search engines than Howard Dean. But, I don't plan on doing anything until the Democrats have gotten Dean as their candidate.There is no point for the Bush campaign to worry about the Internet at this stage of the election process. I plan to use what little resources I have to take over the Interent towards President Bush's side. But, not until at least 2004 rolls around.

  2. Jeff – PLEASE try and keep your comments grounded in something approaching reality. I'm all for a healthy debate, but you're making it awfully hard. Work with me. Post facts. Post links to stories that show that your candidate has a superior position. Do something – ANYTHING – to foster debate and I'm all for it. But the endless, mindless “my candidate's better than your candidate” is tiresome.

  3. Post facts about what? I make a statement about Howard Dean and you give a transcript that confirms my statement (proving) I never needed to link to anything.Besides everything is on Lessig Blog and Blogforamerica and I don't need to link to these things for Dean Supporters. Dean Supporters log on to Lessig Blog and Deanforamerica and other Dean sites significantly enough.I mean why should I link to something when I already know that you are 100% fully aware of it?Do I really need to link to Lessig Blog to discuss Howard Dean's position on the Patriot Act, that he does not believe in removing it completely but he believes in removing 2 parts of it? 1 of which is the part that lets FBI agents walk into a video store and ask for information on someone simply by saying it's for an investigation on terrorism?Do I need to link to that? I will but I don't think that I do. You should already be fully aware of it. And I think you are.

  4. It's a waste of my time to provide links at this point anyhow. Dean isn't the chosen candidate yet. Sorry if this is annoying… But I'm not funneling money to Bush's campaign, I'm not volunteering, I'm not communicating much with my conservative brothers in Michigan, I'm not uploading my Web Log, I am not planning on influencing the Internet with the truth about President Bush until we have a Democratic Candidate Post-Primary.The Internet scene is going to dramatically change over the course of 6 months. It will. I can't link to this because it hasn't happened yet.

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