Caption contest


Post your captions in the comments. Have fun.

And remember, folks… no wagering.

35 responses to “Caption contest”

  1. EVERYONE in Iowa likes Howard Dean!orI absolutely REFUSE to give up this great JCPenney suit!orI'm going to stump in Iowa until the cows come home!OK. I'm done.

  2. OK, one more.Call me a tightwad, but I'm going to wear this old suit until the cows come home!That's my best one.

  3. “What I want to know…….is what in the world……so many cows are doing……supporting Ben & Jerry's……unilateral intervention……in mega-brand ice cream market?”

  4. President Bush listens as Governor Dean delivers his opening statement during the first 2004 general election Presidential debate.

  5. A common economic agenda of jobs, health care, education, housing, and hay will keep this campaign moooooving.

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