Going offline to improve customer service?

That’s the plan at Phones 4U in Britain, where it looks like Phone 4U’s owner John Caudwell broke his neck one too many times. Someone needs to screw his head on straight:

He estimates the ban will save staff three hours a day and his company at least £1 million a month in saved time.

The biggest benefit from the ban would be increased customer loyalty as staff focused on providing a better service, he said.

“The quality and efficiency of communication have been increased tremendously in one fell swoop — things are getting done and people aren’t tied to their PCs.

“The net result is that the business has been dramatically liberated, leaving the typical Phones 4u person with an extra three hours a day to concentrate fully and without distraction on sales and customer service.”

See there? Just like that he’s saving money, saving people 3 hours a day and increasing customer loyalty. He’s a genius.


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