Fox News – Journalists or thugs?

There’s a bit of talk on the web about the fact that Fox News posted Tucker Carlson’s unpublished phone number in response to a joke from Carlson (Carlson is co-host of CNN’s Crossfire). Here’s what happened:

Prodded by Paul Begala to give out his phone number during a discussion about the Do Not Call controversy, Carlson appeared to relent and gave out a 202 number. “Someone’s there all the time,” he said.

Except that it wasn’t his number — it was the number of Fox News’s DC News Bureau.

Dumb, but marginally funny joke. Except that Fox’s response was to publish Carlson’s unpublished home phone number.

Interestingly, when I returned to the page at, it turns out that they’ve retracted that page and replaced it with a plea to call CNN’s news bureau. (The original page is mirrored here.)

Fair and balanced.

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