CIO Australia: One law firm gets it right

CIO Australia published today a profile of InterAction customer Brown McCarroll, a Texas law firm that recently implemented InterAction. There are a number of excellent ideas for being creative in rolling out your CRM system. Next time someone tries to tell you professionals won’t adopt CRM, point them to to this article:

Although lawyers have often been slow to adopt new technology, Brown McCarroll says they have embraced InterAction, which is allowing more targeted and frequent marketing and beginning to realise strategic business benefits. “We currently have 100 per cent of our attorneys, 100 per cent of our secretaries, 100 per cent of our paralegals and select staff on InterAction,” says marketing director Bonnie Martin. “We continually get requests for additional support staff to be given the application to assist in contact management. Since our rollout last September, we have had over 7000 new contacts entered, a 14 per cent increase.”

And the lessons learned about getting employees to use systems along the way? “Plan well, get strong support from management and, most importantly, have fun!” Martin says. “I think our biggest help in succeeding was that we truly believed in what InterAction could do for our firm – and when a team has that much enthusiasm, we knew that we could spread that enthusiasm to others.”

Be sure to read the article for some of their less than conventional tactics for sparking interest in the roll-out.

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